Phish at Alpine Valley Music Theatre

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Alpine Valley Music Theatre | East Troy, Wisconsin

Progressive rock band Phish is back on tour this 2022! This group from Vermont is hitting the road with a 34-date trek all over North America, including Elkhorn, Wisconsin. On Friday 12th August 2022, the band will perform the first show of their three-night run at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre. Phish heads better get ready as the band is aching to go on stage due to a year-and-a-half hiatus! Known for their incredible improvisational skills, the band will be performing songs from their latest album and other tracks from their previous records. You better get your ticket ASAP because this show is expected to sell out!

Why is Phish so popular? This question bears in mind if you haven’t gone down the rabbit hole of their live performances, 15 full studio albums, and numerous live albums. The band composed of masterful musicians – Trey Anastasio (guitar/vocals), Jon Fishman (drums), Mike Gordon (bass), and Page McConnel (keyboard) – elicit so much passion and loyalty from fans that the fandom has nicknames. Some call them Phish heads, and some even rate fans according to classifications, such as 1.0s, 2.0s, and 3.0s. Simply put, Phish is just incredible at their craft. The musicians who have been together since the ‘80s have the ingenuity of rearranging their radio-friendly tracks into a 20-minute piece with spontaneous solos and extended jams.

You won’t hear this from their studio albums. Their records may seem like your run-of-the-mill rock band that happens to mix funk, blues, pop, country, etc., but on stage, Phish is a different kind of musical beast. This feat is why fans looking to have a good time and get lost in good music find the band so compelling. Moreover, the band is not just experts in their instruments. Some fans have been interviewed before a Phish show, and they have a variety of answers on why they are obsessed. “It’s the way they blend the elements of various genres, the way they are performed, and the way they are arranged. The solo trade-offs can also intensify as the jam becomes longer and longer.”

So, if you are a Phish head, you better get your tickets now. The band may have three shows in Alpine Valley Music Theatre, but it will be a jam-packed three-night-run. You better get yours before it sells out!

Phish at Alpine Valley Music Theatre

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