Jason Aldean at Alpine Valley Music Theatre

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Alpine Valley Music Theatre | East Troy, Wisconsin

Jason Aldean

No one will be left hanging because Jason Aldean keeps the country rodeo running as he brings the Highway Desperado Tour to Wisconsin on Saturday, August 17, 2024, at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy. Together with Chase Matthew, Austin Snell, and Dee Jay Silver, an all-out country bonanza is waiting for the music fans as Jason Aldean beats with the trembling band to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime music experience that will blow your mind. Headlining his newest album, Highway Desperado, the Grammy-nominee star makes his songs the center of the show, including his iconic single Try That in Small Town, which bagged the Hot 100 and No. 1 position on Country Radio. Oozing with creative juices and rhythmic musicality, the reigning Artist of the Year awarded by the Country Music Association Awards will ponder the wonders of country music, putting the state of Wisconsin in a country dreaming. Catch the big day ahead as Jason Aldean will be on the lead for a spectacular show up for grabs. Get your tickets now!

A show of your dreams will be coming to the state of Wisconsin as the country music wiz brings the Highway Desperado Tour on Saturday, August 17, 2024, at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy. Bringing a country all-star cast with Chase Matthew, Austin Snell, and Dee Jay Silver, prepare for a night of wonders as they fill the stage with their musical prowess.

Jason Aldean begins his country music journey in Georgia when his interest in music leans to the creation of country music that will soon be known to the world. Coming with his debut single, Hicktown, in 2005, he proved that his musicality could reach the peak of the industry as his tracks became more prevalent in the charts. Leading to his breakout song Try That In Small Town, Jason Aldean felt like all the stars aligned as this wonder put his name to the pinnacle by reaching no. 1 on Billboard Top 100, his first track that reached this milestone. With his most recent album, Highway Desperado, Jason Aldean is brewing something sweet and chilling as he brings the tour to the fans nationwide.

The Highway Desperado album is composed of 14 tracks that are inspired by the road tours Jason Aldean had in his whole career. Three of the 14 songs on the album are co-written by Jason Aldean, including the title track Highway Desperado, Hungover In A Hotel, and Breakup Breakdown. The songs will be featured in the most anticipated show that will make you want more for your music ears.

“I built my career early on my live show and have been road touring since I was 18. It is my favorite part, getting on the bus from town to town and playing our shows and seeing the fans, so the show is inspired by that”, Jason Aldean said on his inspiration on Highway Desperado Tour.

The openers for the show are the country music stars Chase Matthew, Austin Snell, and Dee Jay Silver, who will increase the country music meter up the ladder as they share the stage with Jason Aldean. The vibe will not matter as they bring an all-out musical show for the fans to enjoy.

The Highway Desperado Tour by Jason Aldean will be held in the Alpine Valley Music Theatre. Equipped with a flexible event space, overwhelming facilities, and a great open-theater ambiance, the 35,300 fans will leave no crumbs as Jason Aldean puts on a show that will fill your gums with enjoyment. Grab your tickets now!

Jason Aldean at Alpine Valley Music Theatre

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