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Alpine Valley Music Theatre | East Troy, Wisconsin


An evening of bursting rock-n-roll jams and psychedelic tunes from the jam band OGs will welcome you this summer as Phish showcases another string of concerts in the country. Well, the concert scene would not be complete without the Trey Anastacio-led band showering their fans with their psychedelic and stylistic blend of jazz, funk, pop, and bluegrass tunes. And if you are in the Wisconsin area, this is your chance to experience a Phish concert on July 28 at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre. Score your tickets now and get ready to immerse yourself in the band's unpredictable setlist filled with incredible musicianship and, sometimes, surprising shenanigans! Everybody's favorite jam band is known for their long improvisations and a unique setlist that includes a few songs from their hundreds of hits, including "The Lizards," "Fluffheads," "Harry Hood," "Lushington," and "You Enjoy Yourself," among many others. Tickets are now available, and you can get yours here by hitting the "Get Tickets" link.

The psychedelic brilliance that Phish has given to the world isn't stopping any time soon. They're out this year to give fans the finest live performances. The Trey Anastacio-led band will be embarking on a 26-date summer tour that will take them to several cities, including Mansfield, Uncasville, St. Louis, Noblesville, Grand Rapids, and East Troy, among others.

This 2024 Summer Tour announcement comes right after the band announced that they would be releasing another live album dubbed "The Spectrum '97." Containing six discs, the album features their complete concerts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Spectrum on December 2 and 3, 1997. Die-hard fans are sure to get ecstatic and nostalgic when listening to the full from more than two decades ago. After all, the band is one of the OGs of jam band improvisations that most new wave bands emulate.

Since their inception in the early 80s, Phish has drawn crowds and fans wherever they performed. They developed their unique sound during the years of playing cover songs and performing solos. They began to pave the route to popularity in 1989 with the release of "Junta," an incredible record, which eventually led them to be one of the most famous live acts in the United States by the 1990s. The relentless production of smash hits like "Billy Breathes" and "Farmhouse" contributed to their popularity. With the release of their fourth album, "Rift," in 1993, the band made their debut on the Billboard 200 chart, where it peaked at #51 on the singles chart. And to say that the "rest is history" might be a cliche, but Phish created history for themselves and earned a reputation in the jam band genre — influencing the generations of bands to come after them.

It may have been decades since they came out, but the band is still dominating their field today. The legends haven't changed a bit and are still their spontaneous, funky, and brilliant selves since their inception. Only this time, they'll be connecting with younger fans, who are as equally and extensively obsessed with their body of work. Get ready to ignite the inner Phish heart within you this summer because they'll be at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre on July 28 for an unforgettable music experience of a lifetime. Look out for more announcements, and get your tickets now!

Phish at Alpine Valley Music Theatre

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